måndag 18 februari 2008

Shai Hulud

A profound hatred of man

If these hands would only kill, They’d cleanse the world with its own blood.
They’d cleanse the world, if these hands would only kill.
These hands should cleanse your soul of the lust and greed of this world.

And they call me a fool, as they do so well.
Destroy the morality none have known for so long if ever at all.

And I would lay down my life to birth a new generation of a righteous culture.
To a people I could proudly love and cherish,

For that’s all I’ve ever asked for and been deprived of.
Not a tear for those of flesh.
Not a stayed hand for a world that prostitutes itself.
Not a minute more of degeneration.

Words cannot express my disappointment.
Words cannot express my disapproval.

So I hate. I hate a world that is capable of triumph.
But do I stand idly by and let the world disintegrate?

This world will pass away, and my emotions with it.
Why should I strive for acceptance and peace of mind?

A profound hatred of man.

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